Picture of Ken and Linda with their tandem

Title: End to End by Tandem. Ken & Linda Hardy

 Day 6: September 15 th , Bridgenorth to Acton Bridge

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This was another wet and also cold day. And it started off very hilly with a climb shortly after leaving Bridgenorth, then a long downhill to Ironbridge on the River Severn. It would have been nice to stop here for a short while to look around and take some photos but the weather made this a less attractive proposition. Even the public loos were locked! Another long, steep climb out of Ironbridge then fairly level riding to Whitchurch.

We decided to have a hot meal in Whitchurch to warm us up - it had turned quite cold by now. For the first time we needed something warmer than shorts to ride in. We also booked our B&B ahead from the Tourist Information Centre. The rest of the day was on fairly easy gradients, taking us northwards through Cheshire and towards Lancashire. Still raining some of the time but some dry spells as well.

Our B&B turned out to be a couple of miles off the main road, up a short, steep climb and then into quiet farmland. This was one of the most luxurious B&Bs of the trip, it being a grand old Gentleman Farmer's house in period style with huge rooms (and lots of them) set in beautiful grounds. We knew we were now in northern England - the farmer's wife had a broad Lancashire accent and that characteristic bluff northern reserve. She thoughtfully offered to dry our wet shoes etc. on the Aga, an offer we didn't hesitate to accept. It was wonderful, the next day, to put on warm dry things!

Our room was huge, with views over the grounds and surrounding countryside, and the en-suite shower room was nearly as large. We ate our evening meal in our room, consisting of the bread and cheese etc. we'd bought in Whitchurch. Just as well we'd had a hot meal in Whitchurch since the nearest pub was miles away from the B&B.

Day 6 - Mileage: Day 65; Cumulative 382