Picture of Ken and Linda with their tandem

Title: End to End by Tandem. Ken & Linda Hardy

 Day 7: September 16 th , Acton Bridge to Carnforth

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Today was Lancashire. Much time spent on busy main roads going through the built up areas of the county. This was not exactly a highlight of the trip but it was satisfying cycling in that the terrain was relatively flat and good progress could be made. Followed the A49 all the way to just south of Preston where we joined the A6. Neither of these roads were too busy since a large amount of the traffic goes on the M6, also the petrol crisis was still having its effect.

Preston was the worst town by far to cross. The road systems are designed for motorised traffic with little thought given to cyclists. There were a number of cycle tracks provided but these were of little use to the long distance cyclist passing through. And the traffic was constant, a continuous roar in your ears and hardly a break in the traffic rushing past. We were glad to leave Preston!

Once on the A6 north of Preston the cycling became more pleasant again and continued to be fairly flat. We phoned ahead from Garstang to book a B&B at Carnforth. Lancaster was easily crossed and we were soon in Carnforth. The B&B was a farmhouse about 1 miles out of the village down a quiet lane. Very pleasant. Our room was the smallest we'd had so far, quite a contrast to the previous night, but comfortable none the less.

Carnforth prides itself in having the station where the film "Brief Encounter" was made and the Railway Hotel, where we ate, was full of mementoes of this. Linda wasn't feeling too hungry this evening so she ordered a light meal but when it came it was larger than the "normal" meal Ken had ordered! They'd brought her a huge baguette stuffed full and a salad to go with it. Took a "doggy bag" home.

Day 7 - Mileage: Day 71; Cumulative 453